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About Us

Window Curtain Shop is the finest blinds and curtains shop in the UAE. We provide end to end solutions for our customers, from consultation to offering a variety and a wide range of options to choose from with final installation at your home or office.

Here are some of the unique critical qualities

We’re the Best in offering Carpets in Dubai

Dubai Carpet Shop is well known for its full support services in fixing & installation and carpets, headboards, and rugs items. Today we keep an ever-expanding catalog. We have a massive stock of carpets, we import, wholesale, direct to your home here in the UAE.

We offer a wide range of carpets and similar products. The most significant variety of our items has reasonable prices with quality suppliers across the globe. We carry the top brands, designed with custom production value and high competition quality. We come with the best working conditions in the field of such services. We are the leading authentic carpets supplier of Dubai.



To get a free quote or you want to consult with us,
our experts are available 24/7 hours.