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Parquet Flooring

Get Our Best Parquet flooring Collection In Dubai

Does your home have that one room that’s so out of date, it feels like it’s from a different era? Maybe your living room has carpeting from the ’90s or your bedroom has linoleum from the ’80s and you can’t even remember when you last changed the wallpaper.

Well, you are in luck if this is the case. You can quickly update and modernize any space with a little help from flooring. In our parquet flooring Dubai, we offer high-quality parquet flooring to add a touch of contemporary flair as well as sophistication to any environment.

We understand that there are countless options on the market right now, consequently, we are here to help.


Get Our Parquet Flooring Collection Online

Are you looking to add an elegant touch to your home? Parquet wood flooring might be the perfect solution. It’s a timeless style of flooring, able to complement any decorating scheme while bringing long-lasting quality and beauty.

Flooring is made from strips of wood arranged in a geometric pattern. The individual pieces create a variety of looks, from classic herringbone to more modern takes on the traditional chevron design. It’s also available in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to personalize your flooring.

Whatever style you like, our parquet flooring is certain to provide many years of comfort and warmth in your house at a low cost. So, if you’re ready to invest in high-quality flooring for your Dubai house that will look fantastic and last, don’t hesitate any longer. Contact our staff immediately.

Our Range of Parquet Flooring Options in Dubai

When it comes to flooring, Dubai has plenty of options. And here on our website, we offer some of the highest quality flooring in the region.

Our Range of Parquet Flooring

We provide a large selection of parquet vinyl flooring so you can discover the right fit for your house or office. Whether you’re looking for a modern, classical, or contemporary style of wood floors. Every taste & budget can be satisfied by what we offer. Our range includes solid flooring as well as engineered flooring.

Maintenance and Durability

Our incredible range of flooring is designed to stand up to everyday wear and tear. With proper maintenance, our products will look amazing and provide years of beauty and service. Plus, all our products come with a warranty for added peace of mind.

So if you’re looking for the perfect parquet flooring in Dubai, Carpet Center is the place to go. We provide a large assortment of premium products that will more than likely satisfy your demands and beyond your expectations.

Our Herringbone Parquet Flooring Patterns

One of the most popular flooring patterns on the market today is herringbone. Its unique design consists of individual pieces arranged in a V-shaped pattern, creating a classic and timeless look. Plus, with its intricate patterns and variety of colors to choose from, herringbone flooring is sure to make an impact in your home or office.

The herringbone pattern creates a visual texture and depth that will make any room feel inviting and full of character. The staggered pattern adds movement to a space and can help break up large areas for a more cozy appearance. Additionally, it allows you to create interesting designs that add depth without making the room seem small or cluttered.

Herringbone parquet flooring is also highly durable and long-lasting, making it a great investment for your home or office. The V-shaped pieces create a strong interlocking system that prevents shifting or warping over time due to everyday foot traffic, furniture movements, and other wear and tear. Plus, it’s easier to install than traditional flooring options, so you can enjoy your beautiful new floors faster.

If you’re looking for high-quality flooring options in Dubai that will last for years to come. Then herringbone flooring is a perfect choice.


Where to Buy Parquet Flooring in Dubai

If you’re looking for high-quality flooring in Dubai, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer only the best when it comes to flooring. Thus, you may be confident that you’re receiving the most for your money.


We have an extensive selection of flooring options available in Dubai, ranging from light and dark woods to vibrant colors that will bring a unique look and feel to your home or office. All our products are made with quality materials that are designed to stand the test of time and look great for years to come.

Installation process

We have a team of highly-skilled professionals who can help with the installation process and make sure it’s done properly. Our installation experts will help guide you through every step of the process so that you can be sure your new flooring is installed correctly and looks stunning.

Affordable prices

In addition to our high-quality products, we provide extremely low costs, allowing everyone to enjoy attractive flooring without breaking the bank. We provide amazing discounts on both bulk purchases and individual orders, so you’ll always receive the cheapest price when buying with us.

So, if you’re seeking high-quality flooring at a reasonable price in Dubai, go no further than us. Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you and answer any questions you may have regarding our products or services.

Why Choose Us

Parquet flooring in Dubai is a great choice for any home, offering a unique look and feel. Our high-quality range of flooring will provide you with a long-lasting and stylish floor that will be the envy of your family, friends, and neighbors.

The easy installation process combined with the wide range of designs and colors available will help you find the perfect floor for your home. With excellent durability, excellent impact resistance, and easy cleaning, parquet flooring in Dubai is an attractive choice for any home. So why not add a touch of elegance to your home and check out our flooring products today?

Frequently Asked Question (Faqs)

Removing parquet flooring can be a big project, but with the right tools and approach, it can be done relatively easily. First, you’ll need to remove the baseboards or quarter-round molding around the edges of the room. This will give you room to work and allow you to access the edges of the parquet flooring.

A specialized orbital sander must be used to sand a parquet floor that has been damaged. When refinishing parquet flooring, it’s critical to use the right tools since the angle at which the blocks are placed may result in problems if the incorrect kind of sander is used.

A parquet floor has the benefit of being more sturdy than solid wood flooring. This is due to the fact that it is constructed of three layers of wood that are 90 degrees apart from one another. The wear layer is the top layer, which is constructed from carefully chosen wood.

Yes, parquet floors are made of real wood. Parquet flooring is made of small pieces of solid wood that are fitted together in various patterns, such as herringbone or basket weave..